I've lost interest.. (sorry)

Oh… We’re sad to hear this.. 

Anything we can do to change this?

Before you go.. would you like to schedule a 15 minute call with one of our Melophy A-team members and explain what’s going on?

we’re about to launch a major revamp of the site within the next month or so, and we’d love your feedback about the site in it’s current form, whether you choose to stay or not..

  • what do you love about the site?
  • what’s annoying about the site? 🙈
  • what features would you like us to add?
  • how can we improve the experience for YOU as a teacher?


We’re in the early stages of Melophy, and we want to have teachers on the site who are enthusiastic and available to teach. We’d absolutely  LOVE you to be a part, But if it’s not a right fit for now, no worries! We can deactivate your account, you can activate it whenever you want to come back 🙂

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